A flashlight is an important tool that has many applications. You often have a few in your home in case of a power outage, one in your car for an unexpected break down (or finding something you dropped under the seat), and another in your tool box for checking things in tight spots. That doesn’t even include the the variety of flashlights you could use for camping, hunting, and other outdoor activities. We carry two brands of flashlights: Fenix and Surefire.

Fenix lights offer variety in every aspect. They have many different size, from one to go on a keychain to a full-size rechargeable. Fenix also makes lights that use different batteries, such as AA or AAA, which are easy to find at many retail outlets. Some of the lights have five levels of output, allowing you to conserve battery when you don’t need full power.

Surefire has been making lights for the military and law enforcement communities for over 25 years. All of their products are designed for these outfits, standing up to the most rigorous standards. Surefire makes the 6PX, G2X, and Fury lights, that come in either the Pro or Tactical configuration. The Pro allows the user to click the light on to the low mode, click again to the higher output, and click a third time to turn off. The Tactical has a screw on cap that acts a pressure switch, and can be tightened to keep the light on. The Surefire Fury has a 1000 lumen output, in other words; it’s really bright! Surefire makes their own CR123 batteries, designed to work in their flashlights. Having the correct batteries for your flashlight is just as important as the flashlight itself. Always read the instructions to see the preferred power source for your flashlights. We sell the Surefire CR123 batteries by themselves for $2.50, or as a 12-pack for $25.95.

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