Once you do the research to find the gun for you, the sometimes more difficult task of finding the perfect holster to carry it begins. Whether you are looking for a holster for hunting, tactical shooting, or concealed carry, finding the right fit is always important. We carry Elite Tactical nylon holsters, cases, and gear, as well as Galco and Blackhawk holsters.

We have a variety of inside or outside the waistband holsters for many popular concealed carry firearms. Blackhawk makes a Sepra holster, which locks the firearm in place via a mechanism on the trigger guard, making it less bulky than a holster with retention straps. We stock the Galco KingTuk and Tuc-n-Go holsters for many of our popular concealed carry firearms. These holsters allow you to holster a firearm under a tucked in shirt, perfect for work and other occasions that you have to carry discreetly while wearing professional attire.

Elite Survival Systems makes the Belt Clip Holster for most every handgun we carry. They also have a modular shoulder system, allowing you to buy multiple holster inserts to carry different firearms.


You are more than welcome to bring your firearm to our store to try on holsters. We demand the firearm must be unloaded prior to entering our store and in a case of some sort. This is for the safety of our customers and employees. We may have the same model of firearm for sale, but we will not holster our new inventory firearms, as we wish to keep them in new condition.

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