One of the most important part of being a responsible firearm owner is properly securing your firearms. This can mean a variety of things for many people. Firearms should always be secured unless they are being used for defense, such as a concealed carry or home protection arm. By securing firearms in the home, it decreases the chances of a criminal stealing them for illicit activity, and it always protects your investment. We carry a variety of Stack-On gun security cabinets and safes to fit any budget and need. We always suggest buying a safe or cabinet a bit larger than your current collection, so you have room to grow and also to store other shooting items, such as ammunition.

For firearms you wish to keep within reach, we offer many solutions. Stack-On makes a variety of small, flat safes that are easily concealed in a drawer with electronic locks for easy access by authorized people. GunVault also makes small safes for storing handguns in drawers or under desks. These items are designed to keep your defensive firearm available while preventing children from being able to access them.

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