Tactical Optics

Tactical Optics

Mid America Arms carries many brands and styles of tactical optics.  Tactical optical sights are designed and built of military spec materials and are tough enough for years of reliable service in rough environments.

We have long-range optical sights such as scopes that are rugged enough for law enforcement and military use.  These telescopic sights can be trusted to remain true despite the bumps and rough handling one would expect in tactical use.

Our selection of short to intermediate range tactical optics allow for rapid and accurate target acquisition.  With proper training and practice, a tactical shooter can accurately aim their firearm while maintaining a higher level of awareness of their immediate environment.

Built to meet the demands of military and police, tactical optics are a good choice for any shooter interested in long-lasting, accurate and easy to use optical sights.

Visit Mid America Arms to see the selection of tactical optics available.  Our team of experts will help you select the right optical sighting system for your firearm and purpose.

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