Internet Transfers

While our primary focus is selling new and used firearms, we understand there are many firearms for sale on the internet that require transfers through an FFL. We are happy to help you complete the transfer of antique, out of production, or used firearms. We understand there are some internet deals on new production firearms, but we will not transfer these so as not to undercut our retail firearms business. We ask that you come in to our store the same day as you make your internet purchase to fill out the background check, pay the $40.00 transfer fee, and provide us with the information of what gun you have purchased and where it is coming from. If you have any questions on whether we will or will not handle the transfer, please call before confirming us as the receiving dealer.

Person to Person Transfers

In Missouri, it is legal for a private party to transfer a firearm (handgun or long gun) to another individual who also is a resident of Missouri without going through a dealer. This being said, it is the seller/transferor’s responsibility to make sure the person receiving the firearm is legally able to be in possession of firearms. If there are any doubts, or you do not know the person very well, it is advisable to go through an FFL. We charge $40.00 to do a person to person transfer. We require that both parties remain present during the entire transfer process, no money exchanges parties on our premises, and, in the event of a delay, both parties return once the delay has been resolved to complete the transfer.

If the parties involved are from different states, we can complete the transfer of a handgun, long gun, or receiver to a Missouri resident, or the transfer of a long gun to an Illinois resident with a 24-hour waiting period.

PLEASE CALL AHEAD to schedule a person to person transfer to be sure someone is available to handle the transfer. Expect to be at Mid America Arms 30 minutes to 1 hour.

We will also complete transfers for firearms won through auctions, raffles, and charity events for $40.00. If you have any questions, please call to speak with any of our sales people about your individual situation.

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