Missouri Department of Conservation

Mid America Arms is proud to direct you to the helpful information available to you at the Missouri Department of Conservation’s website.

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When it comes to firearm safety, training and education are key to preventing accidents. While we can show you how to disassemble and clean your firearm in the store, there are many other aspects to firearm ownership that you should familiarize yourself with.

Some people have grown up around firearms, with hunting and target shooting being passed down from generation to generation. However, as we see more people interested in shooting for the first time, they often feel a gap in the education available to them. Many ranges and training programs advertise “Concealed Carry Classes” but some people aren’t ready to take the leap into defensive training. Often we hear first time shooter express the desire to learn how their firearm operates and to learn proper shooting techniques. Check out the links to the Missouri Department of Conservation so about training opportunities. Many firearms classes are free of charge and take place at Jay Henges Shooting Range, which is located off of Interstate 44. Jay Henges is also an affordable option for target shooting. The normal rate is $3.00/hour.