.45 ACP Ammunition

Mid America Arms carries a variety of .45 ACP ammunition for target, sport and defensive use.  Developed over 100 years ago, the .45 Automatic Colt Pistol was requested by military armorers as an improvement over existing pistol calibers and cartridges.

The .45 ACP is predominantly use in semi-automatic pistols as its case features a rimless design.  Some vintage firearms use “moon clips” to allow the cartridge to be loaded into a revolver. It first gained wide use when the U.S. Army adopted the John Browning’s M1911 pistol as a service weapon.

The .45 gained a great deal of respect as a defensive round for its power and remains to this day a popular choice for law enforcement, military and personal defense round.  The .45 ACP is physically large relative to other more compact ammunition choices and is usually used with full-size pistols, though Mid America Arms carries a number of more compact pistols that use this exceptional round.

Firearms that use the .45 ACP are likely to have fewer cartridges in any given magazine than a physically smaller cartridge such as the 9mm or .40.

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