The AR-15 is a commonly used as a generic term for semi-automatic civilian version of the military M-16 rifle.  The AR-15 was designed and manufactured in the mid 1950s from modern materials such as aluminum alloys and composites.  These newer materials were intended to reduce problems associated with steel and wood in harsh environments and reduce weight and maintenance.  The basic design originally introduced as the AR-15 is still in use as the M-4 infantry rifle deployed by the U.S. Military.

AR-15 type rifles are fed from an external, detachable magazine and are commonly available chambered for 5.56mm x 45 NATO ammunition.

The original modular design has led to a wide variety of possible configurations by many manufacturers.  Versions of the AR-15 can come chambered for cartridges as small as the .22 Long Rifle on up to .50 Caliber Beowulf.  Variants can include heavy barrels for target shooting, tactical rail systems for special sights and accessories, and telescoping stocks.  The rifle is very durable and dependable in a wide variety of environments making it a common choice among law enforcement and hunters.

Mid America Arms carries many versions of this popular rifle along with an extensive selection of accessories such as tactical sights, lights, and grips.  Visit us at our showroom and our firearms experts will show you examples of this exceptional firearm.

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